Oldways Cheese Coalition Virtual CHEESE Tasting

Do you ever wish you had your own cheesemonger to help you make those tough decisions like what cheese to buy, how to serve it, and how to taste fine cheeses like a pro? This fall, the Oldways Cheese Coalition will grant that wish with a virtual cheese education series, Taste Cheese LIVE.

The series kicks off on August 30 and culminates with an exclusive virtual cheese tasting on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

Short educational videos will prepare you for the virtual cheese tasting event. In these videos you will learn to master the art of entertaining with cheese in the spotlight, and specifically how to:

  • Shop for cheese at your local cheese store and supermarket
  • Decide on pairings (food, wine, beer, other beverages)
  • Cut and store cheese at home
  • Make the most out of your cheese leftovers

As the grand finale to Taste Cheese LIVE, Oldways Cheese Coalition will host a 30-minute virtual cheese tasting online. People around the world will be able to tune in from their computers, mobile devices, or attend an event where the broadcast will be streaming.

Before the virtual cheese tasting, the Oldways Cheese Coalition will unveil the official Cheese Menu for the September 27 event, featuring fine cheeses from around the world. Buy them at your local cheese store and invite friends and family over to join our live cheese tasting event from the comfort of your own home, or attend one of the events happening around the United States.

Taste Cheese LIVE will highlight the stories behind these wonderful cheeses and cheesemakers, the many benefits of eating traditional cheeses, and the ways that you can fully experience delicious cheese while pinpointing the flavors you love.

To learn more, sign up for our Cheese Matters Quarterly and follow the Oldways Cheese Coalition on Facebook. We will be sending information about events, venues, and tips for hosting your own tasting. You can also pledge to participate in Taste Cheese LIVE here.


Want to participate? Please register your event here and we will help spread the word.