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At World Cheese Awards, Norway Takes the Cake

The results are in from this year’s World Cheese Awards, held on November 16 in San Sebastian, Spain. This year’s event was full of surprises. For one, cheeses made in North America were awarded many top honors, a promising sign that these burgeoning cheese industries are continuing to flourish.

The biggest surprise of all, though, was the ultimate winner. Out of the more than 3,000 cheeses judged, the event's champion was a cheese from Norway, a nation known for many things but not often cheese. Kraftkar, made by Gunnar Waagen, is a blue cheese made in a farmstead production that won the award thanks to its creamy texture and complex flavor development.

Many incredible cheeses from Canada, Mexico, and Brazil also received well-deserved recognition and awards. Seeing so many quality curds coming from the Americas was a good sign that cheesemaking is developing quickly, and masterfully, in these places. The impressive collection of cheeses from all around the world also proves that awards themselves are becoming more international, a positive step toward uniting the globe’s cheesemakers and furthering these traditional practices. Plus, awards are an important aspect of the cheese industry, which we explained in a recent blog post here.

If you want to try some of the award-winning cheeses made in the US, this list will guide you to many delicious options. We have highlighted those from our members:


Super Gold

Harbison – Cellars at Jasper Hill

Leelanau Raclette – Leelanau Cheese Company 



Tarentaise – Farms for City Kids Foundation/Spring Brook Farm

Shepsog – Grafton Village Cheese


Everton Premium Reserve – Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese

Seven Sisters – The Farm at Doe Run 

St. Malachi Reserve – The Farm at Doe Run

Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert

Cello Parmesan Whisps – Arthur Schuman Inc/Schuman Cheese

Sartori Reserve Black Pepper BellaVitano – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve Rum Runner BellaVitano – Sartori Company 



Humboldt Fog Mini – Cypress Grove

Herbs de Humboldt – Cypress Grove

Lamb Chopper – Cypress Grove

Roth Prairie Sunset – Emmi Roth USA

Bear Hill – Grafton Village Cheese

Echo Mountain Blue – Rogue Creamery

Mount Mazama Cheddar – Rogue Creamery


Landaff – Cellars at Jasper Hill 

Moses Sleeper – Cellars at Jasper Hill

Cello Riserva Asiago Wheel – Arthur Schuman Inc/Schuman Cheese 

Briana – Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese

Sartori Reserve XO – Sartori Company 

Sartori Limited Edition Pastorale Blend – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve SarTiago Rosemary – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve Balsamic BellaVitano – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve Merlot BellaVitano – Sartori Company

Sartori Limited Edition Cognac BellaVitano – Sartori Company

Camembert Traditonnel – Old Europe Cheese, Inc. 

Natural Smoked Gouda – Old Europe Cheese, Inc. 

3Kg Double Cream Brie w/ Peppercorns – Old Europe Cheese, Inc. 

Farmstead Camembert – Specialities Inc.

Gorgonzola Style Cheese – Saputo Specialty Cheese 

Reserve Blue Cheese – Saputo Specialty Cheese

Pennyroyal Farm Vintage Boont Corners – Pennyroyal Farm

Hudson Valley Camembert Square – Old Chatham Sheepherding Creamery

Rondelé Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper – Lactalis American Group

Oaxaca String Cheese – V&V Supremo Foods, Inc.

Original Chevre – Saputo Specialty Cheese 

Bloomsdale – Baetje Frams

Bijou - Vermont Creamery 

Quark – Vermont Creamery 

Feta – Vermont Creamery

Carena – Briar Rose Creamery 



Midnight Moon – Cypress Grove

Roth’s Private Reserve – Emmi Roth USA

Roth Tomme – Emmi Roth USA

Roth Original Havarti – Emmi Roth USA

Roth Buttermilk Blue – Emmi Roth USA


St. Albans – Vermont Creamery

Fresh Crottin – Vermont Creamery 

Bonne Bouche - Vermont Creamery 

Cremont – Vermont Creamery 

Coupole - Vermont Creamery 

Crumble Goat Cheese / Cranberry and Tarragon – Vermont Creamery

Haystack Peak – Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

Queso de Mano - Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

Pennyroyal Farm Boonter’s Blue – Pennyroyal Farm

Merry Goat Round – Firefly Farms

Black & Blue – Firefly Farms

Blueberry Vanilla Chevre - Saputo Specialty Cheese

Kinderhook Creek – Old Chatham Sheepherding Creamery

Deer Creek The Fawn – The Artisan Cheese Exchange 

Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar – The Artisan Cheese Exchange

Sartori Reserve BellaVitano Gold – Sartori Company 

Sartori Classic P – Sartori Company 

Sartori Classic A – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve WH – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve SarVecchio – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve Black Tea BellaVitano – Sartori Company 

Sartori Kentucky Bourbon BellaVitano – Sartori Company 

Sartori Reserve Cocoa BellaVitano – Sartori Company 

Sartori Limited Edition Cinnamon BellaVitano – Sartori Company

Cello Riserva 3 year old Asiago Wheel – Arthur Schuman Inc/Schuman Cheese 

Yellow Door Creamery Harissa Rubbed Fontina Wheel – Arthur Schuman Inc/Schuman Cheese 

Cello Grated Parmesan – Arthur Schuman Inc/Schuman Cheese

Marin French Cheese Petite Supreme – Marin French Cheese

Marin French Cheese Petite Cendree – Marin French Cheese

Bayley Hazen Blue – Cellars at Jasper Hill 

Willoughby – Cellars at Jasper Hill

Smoked Pepper Jack – Carr Valley Cheese Co., Inc. 

Wildfire Blue – Carr Valley Cheese Co., Inc. 

Porto Duet – Carr Valley Cheese Co., Inc.

Goat Bread Cheese – Carr Valley Cheese Co., Inc. 

Leelanau Aged Raclette – Leelanau Cheese Company

Chihuahua Cheese with Jalapeno Peppers – V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. 

Promontory, with Wine Must – Beehive Cheese Company, LLC 

Promontory, with Ovid 2013 R8.3 – Beehive Cheese Company, LLC

Ponderosa String Cheese – Ponderosa Dairy Products 

Carlos Yescas - Oldways Cheese Coalition Program Director

Carlos Yescas