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Celebrating American Cheese Month with Cheese Coalition Members

October is American Cheese Month, and not pasteurized process cheese but delicious artisan cheeses made across the United States! To kick off the month's celebrations we've come up with some seasonal pairings and serving ideas featuring some amazing cheeses made by members of the Cheese Coalition! 

Having a fall get together and looking to make an autumnal cheese plate? Use these pairings to build a festive plate your guests will fall for like leaves from the trees! 

-Grafton Village's "Shepsog" served with slices of some crisp apples from your fall apple picking adventure!

-Cowgirl Creamery's "Chimney Rock" drizzled with chestnut honey!

-Roelli Cheese Haus's "Red Rock" with a smear of apple butter!

-Bellwether Farms' "San Andreas" alongside a pile of freshly roasted pumpkin seeds left behind after your Halloween pumpkin carving session!


Looking to unwind with a piece of scrumptious cheese and a tasty beer after spending all day wandering in a corn maze? Give these a try:

-Cypress Grove's "Bermuda Triangle" with a Gose style beer for a tangy and salty combination!

-Roth Cheese's "Private Reserve" with a pumpkin hard cider for a heartwarming, autumnal delight!

-Redwood Hill's "Smoked Goat Cheddar" with a chocolatey Porter style for a refined "trick-or-treat" experience without leaving your kitchen!

-Jacobs & Brichford's "Ameribella" with a sour style ale for a funky pairing that will immerse your senses in barnyard aromas!

-PA Bowen Farmstead's "Prince George Blue" with your favorite pumpkin beer for a bountiful harvest of fall flavors!


American cheeses and fall football Sunday's go hand in hand! Try these ideas for warm, gooey appetizers sure to score a flavorful touchdown!

-Create an American version of the Alp's classic "Raclette" by melting Spring Brook Farm's "Reading" over potatoes, pickled onions, pickles, and cured meats!

-Kick up your favorite queso dip with V&V Supremo's "Chihuahua Quesadilla Cheese with Jalapeno"


Daniel McElligott - Oldways Cheese Coalition Research Associate


Image: http://www.americancheesemonth.org/downloadable-logo/

Daniel McElligott