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What is 2017's Best Raw Milk Cheese?

This year at the World Cheese Awards in London, the Cheese Coalition was a “trophy sponsor.” This means that our sponsorship dollars went to a specific award: “Best Unpasteurized Cheese!”

So which cheese was the winner of this award? Drum roll please...........


The winner of this award was Parmigiano Reggiano produced at Latteria San Pietro di Valestra! Latteria San Pietro sources their milk from dairy farmers who practice traditional breeding methods and ensure the well-being of the cows they are milking. They have been producing Parmigiano Reggiano in Valestra for the last ten years and in accordance with the PDO, the cheese is made in copper vats and aged for a minimum of 12 months.


Be on the lookout for Parmigiano wheels with the Latteria code 166 to get your hands on some of this amazing cheese, it is the best raw milk cheese in the world after all! 


Daniel McElligott - Oldways Cheese Coalition Research Associate



Images from: http://www.latteriadivalestra.it/

Daniel McElligott