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2018: A year of cheese

We know the end of the year is the moment to reminisce about everything done and said. People take the time to count their blessings and think about what went wrong or what was a success. In social media, we showed our most engaging pictures of the year. We re-posted our most engaging content on Facebook and dusted of pieces that were unique. Looking back is easy and requires almost no effort. We tend to remember the good and leave the bad behind. In recent posts, we have recapped some of our work and shared findings of our ongoing projects.

But I want to use our last post of the year to tell you what is coming in 2018! We have an exciting year planned ahead. The highlight of our year is Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. Remember to mark your calendars on April 21. We have plans for events in 15 countries around the world. Flagship events will include stores selling only cheeses made with raw milk on the day, while others are planning tastings and even special gift-boxes. Stay tuned for news about events near you.

Also in 2018, we will be sharing the results of our global cheesemaking survey. We will have first results on January 20, just in time to celebrate Cheese-Lovers’ Day. We will introduce you to cheesemakers in our new Instagram series called #CheeseMakerMonday and we will continue featuring cheesemongers from around the world in our #MongerMonday campaign.

In May, we will be traveling with Cathy Strange to northern Italy to meet cheesemakers in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, and Piedmont. As you may know, Cathy is Chair of our Advisory Committee and she is a Global Executive Coordinator for Specialty and Product Innovation and Development at Whole Foods Market. In this position, she is the main cheese buyer for her company and works to highlight artisan products and especially raw milk cheeses in over 450 cheese counters in the USA, Canada, and England. There is still time to sign up to come with us in this trip.

In the international front, we will continue to monitor the situations in Brazil, Ireland, and Scotland in the fight to maintain raw milk cheeses legal. We are now also following the disputes in Argentina regarding name-protected products and the developments in Russia as the cheese making community grows and expands. We are able to do this work with your help, not only by engaging with hundreds of cheesemakers, mongers, and enthusiasts everywhere, but also by relying on you to keep me in the loop.

Finally, in 2018, members will have the opportunity to participate in two cheese-giveaways. Membership is a wonderful way to support our work and benefit from all the work we do, but also support education of consumers like you. Make sure you become a member and start taking advantage of our benefits. To start, you will get a “Beneficial Microbe” t-shirt to show you are part of a constructive community.

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Have a wonderful New Year's celebration. Carlos Yescas, Program Director. 

Carlos Yescas