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Learn to Make Cheese at Home — No Cow or Goat Required

This weekend, the homesteading movement comes to Boston. THE KITCHEN at the Boston Pubic Market will be home to the daylong Urban Homesteading Festival on Saturday, February 18, which is presented by The Trustees of Reservations in partnership with The Northeast Organic Farming Association, Slow Food Boston, and Oldways.

Homesteaders-to-be will learn the arts of brewing beer, cultivating mushrooms, preserving herbs, preparing broths, and...drumroll please...making cheese at home — no cow, goat or sheep needed! Adam Shutes, owner of the Boston Cheese Cellar in Roslindale, Mass., will lead the cheese-making portion of the festival. To get ready for the Urban Homesteading Festival on February 18, OCC research intern, Daniel McElligot, connected with Adam to learn more about his love affair with cheese and cheese-making.

Adam is originally from Britain and he moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue his post-doctoral studies of oncology in North Carolina. Two years ago Adam’s work brought him to the Boston area. In 2015, the then-owners of the Boston Cheese Cellar retired and were selling their shop. Adam left the oncology field and purchased the Boston Cheese Cellar.

The Boston Cheese Cellar is a small, independent cheese counter, also stocking charcuterie and accompaniments for their cheese. Adam says the shop is “small but its got a big heart.” Two of Adam’s current favorite cheeses are: Keene’s Cheddar paired with brown ale, specifically Fuller’s London Pride, as well as Oma from von Trapp & Jasper Hill paired with a nice hearty bread.

Adam made his first cheese about 5 years ago, a simple homemade ricotta, which he found to be both a fun and rewarding process. As his cheese making experience has grown, Adam now finds his favorite part of cheese making to be cloth wrapping the cheeses and the rubbing of lard on the wheels.

As far as this weekend’s workshop goes, attendees can expect to learn an outline of the cheese making process. Adam will give an understanding of how and why the process of cheese making works, as well as troubleshooting the process and how to improve from batch to batch. Come by and learn how to make simple cheeses at home and see just how good they taste and how rewarding the process is!

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Ashley Owen - Oldways Preservation Trust PR & Media Manager

Ashley Owen