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"Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese" Book Tour

On September 5th, a new book from Brownen and Francis Percival entitled "Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese" will be released! This book will explore the changes in the cheese industry as production has shifted from single-farm production to massive scale factory production, as well as changes in regulations directed at cheese production over the last century. Our work is touched on in the book and we were lucky enough to receive an advanced copy! Within the book, the OCC is categorized as "libertarian traditionalists" highlighting our mission to promote traditional cheesemaking techniques, while giving the consumer the option to choose whether their cheese is pasteurized or raw.

The authors also touch on what kind of conversations need to be had between cheesemakers and regulatory officials to foster safe raw-milk cheese production practices, as well as the potential innovations that farm-house cheesemakers using raw-milk in their production can achieve. Grab yourself a copy of this book on Amazon

And be sure to check out a stop on the "Reinventing the Wheel" book tour in a city near you!

Tour Schedule:

Bay Area (September)

September 3, Napa Bookmine and Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant (Napa) - Tickets

September 5, Tartine Manufactory (San Francisco) 

September 5, Cheese Board Collective (Berkeley) - Tickets


New York City (September)

September 7, Barnyard Collective - Tickets

September 7, Terroir Tribeca

September 8, Museum of Food and Drink - Tickets

September 9, Lucy's Whey at Kitchen Arts and Letters

September 10, Gramercy Tavern


Wilton, Connecticut (September) 

September 8, Wilton Historical Society  - Tickets


East Coast (October) 

October 13, Di Bruno Bros (Philadelphia, PA)

October 14, Shelburne Farms (Burlington, VT) - Tickets

October 15, Boston Cheese Cellar (Boston, MA) - Tickets 

October 16, Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI)

October 16, Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA)

October 17, Livestock Conservancy at the Fearington Inn (Pittsboro, NC)

October 18, goat. sheep. cow. (Charleston, SC)


Texas (October) 

October 19, Deep Vellum Books (Dallas)

October 20, Antonelli's Cheese Shop (Austin)

October 21, Houston Sommelier Association (Houston)

October 21, Houston Dairy Maids (Houston)


Madison, Wisconsin (November) 

November 4, Uplands Dairy

November 5, Wisconsin Cheese Camp


St. Paul, Minnesota (November) 

November 6, Cheese for Wine Professionals

November 6, France 44


Chicago, Illinois (November)

November 7, Eataly

November 8, Local Foods (Bronwen Percival)

November 8, City Winery (Francis Percival)


Michigan (November)

November 9, Granor Farm (Three Oaks)

November 10, Zingerman’s Delicatessen (Ann Arbor)


Cincinnati, Ohio (November)

November 12, Hart & Cru collaboration (Venue TBC)


West Coast (November)

November 18, Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market (San Francisco, CA) - Event

November 19, Pasta Works (Portland, OR)  

November 20, Cheese Bar (Portland, OR)

November 21, Venissimo Cheese at Warwick’s Books (San Diego, CA)


Daniel McElligott - Oldways Cheese Coalition Research Consultant


Daniel McElligott