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Let’s Support Pennsylvania Cheesemakers

In coordination with the PA Cheese Guild, we are organizing a letter writing campaign to the Pennsylvania Director of the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services. We are asking for the state to amend its current regulation to follow federal standards.

Our aim is to ask the state to harmonize current Pennsylvania law to the FDA regulation, to allow producers there to make more styles of cheese using raw milk. The government will be taking comments until September 4th. 

Based on a previous letter we sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the information online from the petition, the Oldways Cheese Coalition has drafted a template letter to send to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.

We encourage you to download the draft letter, include your contact and information about your organization, company, or store and submit before the dateline.

Comments may be emailed with the subject line “Raw Cheese Comments” to RA-foodsafety@pa.gov – please consider sending a copy to us to keep as records. You can email to us to cheese@oldwayspt.org

On behalf of raw milk cheese lovers and makers everywhere, we thank you for your support of the Guild’s action.


Carlos Yescas