GLOBAL CheeseMaker Survey

In the fall of 2017, the Oldways Cheese Coalition conducted a global cheesemaker survey to find out more about the practices and attitudes of artisanal cheesemakers from around the world. The survey was conducted in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. The OCC partnered with cheesemaker organizations and the industry at-large to disseminate the survey.

We have now collated all the responses from cheesemakers around the globe and translated comments from participants. The results are being analyzed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the direction of Prof. Heather Paxson, who is a member of our Academic Advisory Committee.

Here is a sneak peek of the preliminary results: 

  1. 42 countries were represented.
  2. Age of producers: 46 or older: 122; 26 to 45 years: 134; and <25: 7.
  3. 73% of responding cheesemakers say that current legislation in their jurisdictions affect the style of cheeses they can and do make.
  4. 75% of respondents live in areas where they are allowed to produce cheeses with raw milk.
  5. Civil society organizations are important for maintaining raw milk cheeses available for consumers. 57% of respondents identified civil society organizations committed to promote and defend raw milk cheese production, while only 4% of professional cheesemakers responding said that they were supported by their government. Some jurisdictions are different than others and 10% of respondents felt that both government and civil society organization were active, but 28% felt that there is no support for raw milk cheese producers where they operate.

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