Oldways - Health Through Heritage

Oldways’ mission is to guide people to good health through heritage. We like to say, let the old ways be your guide to good health and well being. At Oldways, we are more determined than ever to help everyone, everywhere, live longer and healthier lives. We do this by continuing to encourage people to seek out the joys of good foods and drinks, well prepared and consumed with pleasure, in the company of family and friends. That is the profound and worthy mission that drives us and our partners every day. Healthy eating and healthy foods have the power to improve the health and well-being of all of us. Science and common sense tell us that good health and good food go hand in hand. The healthy old ways have a special importance and impact because they bring together:

  • good nutrition with delicious foods
  • culture and heritage, and
  • eating, shopping and cooking

Oldways was founded in 1990 to address health issues (increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases of excess) and to preserve culinary traditions, helping people make healthy connections to their food (cooking and eating real foods) and their heritage. We learned early on that change happens by motivating individuals and influencers to move in a common direction. Working throughout the world – from Australia to Brazil and from Italy to the U.S. – Oldways has collaborated with hundreds of international experts including scientists, health care professionals, chefs, historians, food producers and food writers to create “mini-movements” that have inspired millions of people to change the way they eat.

Our programs include:

Visit our website to learn the many ways in which we engage supermarket dietitians and consumers.

Privacy Policy

Oldways adheres to a permanent privacy policy that can be stated in clear English as follows: if you are a donor or if you give us your name, email address, or any other information about yourself -- whether through this website or offline -- we will use it only for:

The purpose stated when you give it to us, such as signing up for one of our e-newsletters, or entering a contest, and telling you about other nutrition activities and events in the future.

We will not trade, share or sell personal information to others, nor will we conduct donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. Our privacy policy includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following principles:

Personally identifiable information may only be obtained through lawful means.
The purposes for which personally identifiable data are collected shall be specified at or prior to the time of collection, and any subsequent use of the data shall be limited to and consistent with the fulfillment of those purposes previously specified.

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