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Membership Levels

The Oldways Cheese Coalition (OCC) stands out as one of the most trusted voices in the cheese world——because we care passionately about cheese, and because we get results when it comes to education and advocacy.

Bronze: $250 Annually

  • Your logo will be featured on our website.

  • We will promote your events throughout the year on our social media outlets.


Silver: $500 Annually

  • Bronze membership benefits.

  • Access to the Members Only section of our website with information on cheese production in the United States and resources for successful advocacy to US legislators and regulators.

  • Your online store or mail order services will be promoted in our campaigns via social media and in-person events. GREAT VALUE FOR RETAILERS!


Gold: $1,000 Annually

  • Silver membership benefits and one of the following:

  1. For producers and brokers: We will showcase one of your products in a post on our blog.

  2. For guilds and regional associations: Your organization will be featured in the “Community Spotlight” section of our newsletter.

  3. For distributors and importers: One cheese brand of your choice will have its logo on our website and will be promoted through our social media outlets.


PLATINUM: $5,000 Annually

  • Gold membership benefits.

  • A recipe using your cheese will be featured in one of our newsletters, which reach over 7,000 engaged consumers, including dietitians, food advocates, and health specialists.


DIAMOND: $10,000 Annually          

  • Platinum membership benefits.

  • Your cheese will be used during demos, presentations, and tastings organized by the Coalition throughout the year. The OCC will work with you to customize these activities.

Thank you for your interest about joining the Oldways Cheese Coalition. Please fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly. 

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