International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day


Raw milk cheeses are unique in flavor, history, and carry on traditional cheesemaking practices. Producers who make them are passionate about craftsmanship and animal husbandry. Their cheeses represent years, even decades, of knowledge and thoughtful innovation to better their products. 

By joining in celebration. You recognize cheeses made with raw milk, as part of our collective culinary heritage. Here is the perfect opportunity to try a new cheese, visit a farm, engage with a producer or cheesemonger, and even write your elected officials to encourage them to protect and promote artisanal producers. Become a member today and help us reach out to more cheese-lovers like you.

Do you want to participate? Host you own cheese tasting at home. Ask you cheesemonger for pairing suggestions or join one of the hundreds of stores, farms, and restaurants around the world celebrating on Saturday, April 21, 2018. 

Flagship Events

In partnership with our supporters and the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.