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Informed consumers are needed to ensure we have rational regulation. Your role is important to stay on top of issues and raise a voice when traditional cheese is being threatened.

We bring a research-based approach to promoting real cheese as a nutritious food that is part of healthy delicious diets. Our partners and allies are committed to providing the public and policy makers with accurate science-based information about artisan, raw milk, and traditional cheese. At a time when regulatory uncertainty threatens traditional productions and aging methods, we aim to offer a strong voice in support of artisan cheese.

Oldways Cheese Coalition

In 2015, we changed our name to the Oldways Cheese Coalition and updated our mission to further reflect our ongoing commitment to all traditional cheeses and artisan cheesemaking practices. Regulatory uncertainty around the world has left small producers unprotected, and without the appropriate resources their livelihoods are threatened. We aim to become a strong promoter of academic research worldwide on the benefits of artisan cheeses. Your support contibutes to our ongoing research and efforts.

Cheese of Choice Coalition

The Cheese of Choice Coalition was founded in 1999, and re-launched in 2014, since then we have actively promoted traditional methods of production. We have now published five research documents on various Hot Topics. These short essays provide industry, regulators, and consumers with academic and scientific-based information on the benefits of traditional methods and practices, created in a consumer-friendly style. You can find information on raw milk, aging on wood shelves, and on health benefits of eating cheese as part of a balanced diet.


  • Protected raw milk cheeses from a complete ban proposed by the FDA in the 1990s.
  • Promoted raw milk cheeses as a healthy alternative to processed commodity cheese.
  • Engaged legislators to listen to consumer demands maintaining access to raw milk cheeses.
  • Engaged consumer rights advocates seeking greater accountability on the part of food regulators.
  • Disseminated scientific-based research on the benefits of aging cheeses on wood shelves.
  • Co-hosted seminars and panels to engage with the science behind artisan cheeses.
  • Collected a vast bibliography of academic research on traditional cheeses.
  • Co-host the first Raw-Milk Cheese Appreciation Day with over 400 celebrations around the world.