Advocating for traditional cheese since 1999

The Oldways Cheese Coalition (OCC) is an international membership organization of cheesemakers, retailers, and enthusiasts promoting raw milk and other traditional cheeses.

Artisan cheesemakers maintain a living heritage taking care of local terroirs, using traditional cheesemaking techniques and expertise. They also sustain diverse cultures and provide a viable economic alternative for rural communities worldwide.

Together with committed enthusiasts like you, we ensure that their cheeses are maintained for future generations.



Our Values


Traditional cheeses are made by men and women following time tested techniques, such as using raw milk or natural cultures and molds, making cheese in cooper vats, or aging on wood boards, and even aging in underground caves. We believe these practices are worth preserving as important part of our global gastronomic heritage and a way to support rural communities around the world.

What can you do?

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Many artisanal cheeses have historically been made from raw milk and many traditional producers (though not all) carry these time-honored recipes into their modern production. Cheese made with raw milk are delicious.

Join us on April 20, 2019 to celebrate the 5th annual International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day - #rawcheeseday


Donations from cheese-lovers help us fulfill our mission to inspire people to embrace the healthy joys of eating traditional cheeses to reach more people.


With respect to safety, raw milk cheeses and raw fluid milk have categorically different food safety profiles. Although they often get lumped together in the public imagination and in the press, experts unanimously agree that fluid raw milk and raw-milk cheese are not the same. Illnesses resulting from commercially sold raw-milk cheese are exceedingly rare.


Our partners include cheesemakers, distributors, retailers, cheese guilds, international organizations, and cheese lovers. This support funds our research surveys and research on the economic impact of traditional producers. We use this research to engage with public officials and regulators to advocate for traditional producers, promote traditional diets and cheesemaking, and organize events. MEET THEM